Chimera is where I belong.

Carrying people has become a hobby for me haha! #awesomepeople #blessed #clubcrawl2014

HAHAHA just realised @haikalomg got smacked on the butt #clubcrawl2014

I can watch this a million times and laugh all day long haha! | Officially broke my clubbing virginity in school wooohooo! #clubcrawl2014 #awesomepeople @haikalomg @syaaafiiiq

Club crawl 2014 Day 1! :D

Belated birthday celebration for @_nfbb! We love you falinapoo! May all your dreams and wishes come true. God bless! Hee xoxoxo #pepekros @lescinqsens @chainedecoeur

A great way to end our school holiday.  #blessed

Went to USS with @watieyusf and my favourite niece and nephew today! :D I was the 1st customer to buy Garett popcorn hehe #alltimefav #almondanmacadamiamix #yumyuminourtumtum

ECP with the “kk take care”! | myiesha ( ma-shi-sha ) is so damn cute!

It was worth it even though the high element scared the shit out of me