Chimera is where I belong.

It was all worth it even though the high element scared the shit out of me.

It looks easy until you’re the one doing it haha. #adc #flyingfox

Went to town to watch noah and eat gelato ice cream! #yumyuminourtumtum #ilookawkward


“Most times you’re happy until someone shows you different.”

—   Tyler Perry’s Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor (via mr-sali)

“I often feel like we became a lot of different people before we actually settled into who we are. Especially when we are young.”

"Climbed" trees at ecp, ate crepe and coconut ice cream and drank coconut juice! #yumyuminourtumtum
@yellowguns @watieyusf

"IJ friendships through the years Born of simple joys and tears
Something tells us deep inside
IJ friends are friends for life” #holdontoourdreams #ijsong #ijfriendsarefriendsforlife @PuteriSWee @aqeelahrahim @zwnrshd @scheifer_

Happy 59th beruk! Can’t wait to see you later! Teehee. #mybabihutan #beruk @hafizlahsey

Same same but different. If yknwakamin.